The Nature and Appearance of Boxers

The shortened face of boxers is sometimes considered a deformity. It makes them gulp air while eating and can cause them to drool. They are stubborn, as they often grumble, grunt, snort, snuffle, and snore. This fearless breed can also be difficult to manage, but with proper training and firm control, this can be managed. Some claim that the stubbornness and aggressive nature of a boxer is as a result of the docked tail, which medically has been proven to cause them to be intolerant to touch.

On the positive side, boxers are smart and easy to train. They are also physically strong and energetic, and can, therefore, make excellent guard dogs or exercise partners. Boxers are known to be able to stand on their back legs and punch in the air with their front legs, much like a boxer. With early and correct training they can also be very well behaved, and they are known to be very sociable and loyal to their owner.

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The list of relevant keywords related to boxers could be very long. Some people might for example search for physical traits they want in their next dog. For a boxer these would be:

  • Smooth and tight coat
  • square-headed dog
  • docked tail
  • Cropped ears (banned in some countries)
  • Fawn, white or brindle in color
  • Protruding eyes
  • Undershot jaw